Chair Massage

Fresh from his cruise ship, Andy is very experienced, you will be more than happy to let this man manipulate you, knots are his passion.

Aromatherapy Massage

If you want something a little slower and more indulgent.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Sometimes we get ‘stuck’ with a life problem, talking therapy is an evidence based practice to support you in moving on. Aimee is a psychotherapist with 17 years experience and has lived and explored a wide variety of problems and has a good track record of guiding you towards positive change

Session fee 50 pounds

Emotion Code

An energy therapy developed by Dr Brad Nelson. Using muscle testing we move quickly to the heart of an issue by communicating with the sub-conscious mind to detect and clear trapped negative emotions

Session fee 50 pounds

Past Life Regression






Love Spell

Are you looking for love but feel you are just going round and round the dating apps? A Love Spell might be just what you need to give your heart a jump start. Aimee is a qualified Psychotherapist and her therapy room is a good place to talk through your wants and needs and then package it up with some intention setting in the form of a Love Spell. Success has been achieved this way, wedding bells have rung…

£50 per session, up to three sessions necessary

Bespoke Spell

When we are faced with a challenge sometimes a spell is what is called for. An investment of your energy and your intention to change something can be just what is necessary to shift a blockage.

£50 per session, probably around three sessions to develop the work

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