Baby Moon Yurts

You can call it camping, you can call it an experience, either way prepare to press the pause button and be totally in the the now.

You will sleep long and deeply in one of our Baby Moon nests. 

Our yurts are candlelit, myrhh scented and wood fired.

Whichever you choose you can guarantee crisp cotton linen, duvets like clouds and pillows like bossoms, curl up like narcoleptic dormice and make many Z’s.

Expect a daisy on your pillow. 

Choose from…

A traditional Mongolian yurt but with interior inspired by the Mexican self portrait goddess.

Heated by a wood burning stove.

A traditional Mongolian yurt fit for a fairytale.

Heated by a wood burning stove.

A wooden yurt, woodcutters cottage meets herbal retreat.

Heated by a wood burning stove.

The mighty Oak is hidden in the forest, a simple Mongolian yurt sprouting up between the trees.

Heated by a gas heater.

Dragons dance in the carving of this Mongolian yurt, dark, decadent and a tiny bit more spacious.

Heated by a gas heater.

Be charmed in the rich surrounding of this red Mongolian yurt.

Heated by a gas heater.

Available as add-ons in the summer months.

Like a tent… but with added luxury like real beds and chandeliers.

How To Book Our Yurts

Click the button below to check availability and book now via our Free To Book portal.


We believe fire is central to the Baby Moon experience.

Light your campfire, dance and leap and celebrate the power of the flame.

You are able to snuggle in front of the embers of your own private fire pit or the Baby Moon hearth fire can be lit for a larger gathering.


We want your experience to be authentic camping, but because we know camping can be tough we have flush toilets, solar heated showers and warm running water. Its not because we think you’re soft, it’s because we love you. 


Bring a towel or ask us if you want to hire some, and bring a toothbrush unless you want to buy one in reception.

No need to bring thermals, we can give you hot water bottles to be extra cosy, no need for a sleeping bag, duvets are so much snugglier, no need to go hiking if you don’t want to, so no special boots or coats or waterproofs, we’ll give you a brolly if you need one. So just bring your broadest smile and your heart at its most open. 

You might like your own blanket to wrap up beside the fire (NooNoo blankets are available to buy in reception), and a pair of slippers but not essential.