You may like the camping experience of cooking on an open fire, or on your wood burning stove and we encourage you to do so. You can order a breakfast basket to be delivered to your door, and cook yerself a full English. There are camp dinner options. Catering and pop restaurants available for group bookings.


There are a range of treatments available in our therapy suite or brought to you in your yurt.
We also have wellbeing camps and therapeutic retreats where we create a very particular healing camp for a week or a weekend.

Relaxation is key, wander the site, find a nook or a cranny, borrow a book or kick back and enjoy the sky.

In the unlikely event that you become over-relaxed we will make every effort to arrange surfing, climbing, cycling or other extremes to make the heart pound.

Ask for a list of therapies.


We believe fire is central to the Baby Moon experience. light your campfire, dance and leap and celebrate the power of the flame.

Baby Moons hearth fire can be lit if you have a larger gathering. If you feel like sitting at the community fire and making new friends you are welcome. If you want to huddle together in front of the embers of your private fire thats fine too. If you are a musician, bring your instrument, you will be rewarded.


We want your experience to be authentic camping but because we know camping can be tough we have flush toilets, solar heated showers and warm running water. Its not because we think you're soft, it's because we love you.


No need to bring thermals, we can give you some bedsocks to be extra cosy, no need for a sleeping bag, duvets are so much snugglier, no need to go hiking if you don't want to, so no special boots or coats or waterproofs, we'll give you a brolly if you need one. So just bring your broadest smile and your heart at its most open.

You might like your own blanket to wrap up beside the fire, and a pair of slippers but not essential.