You can call it camping, you can call it an experience, either way prepare to press the pause button and be totally in the the now.

You will sleep long and deeply in one of our Baby Moon nests either a candlelit yurt, myrhh scented and wood fired, choosing from

FRIDA - inspired by the Mexican self portrait goddess
ENCHANTED - fairytale themed
APOTHECARY - a herbal retreat

or a sumptuous vintage Tiny House, complete with starlit chiffon sky, enough space to breathe, enough lack of space to bring you real close together, choosing from

SPIRIT ANIMAL - animal themed
SHAMAN - masculine
SOOTHSAYER - feminine

supercool belle tents, like a tent but with added luxury like real beds and chandeliers ( group bookings only)

whichever you choose you can guarantee crisp cotton linen, duvets like clouds and pillows like bossoms, curl up like narcoleptic dormice and make many Z's. Expect a daisy on your pillow.